Catering - Hotel Złota Róża


You must have experienced such a situation, when unexpected guests appeared at your door out of the blue, or you wanted to organize a meeting or an event with little time to prepare food. Or simply you felt like eating something delicious after a hard day at work, but you were too tired to cook. It is no problem for us – in such and similar situations we are at your disposal and are eager to support you with our delicious catering.

Catering means bringing ready meals to your door. It is an increasingly popular way of eating great restaurant meals without leaving home. We prepare all dished from fresh, top quality and carefully selected products, so that we can offer you unrepeatable tastes and satisfy even the most demanding palates. The ready dishes will be delivered to you in special containers. At the customer’s request they can be put on platters and plates and served onto the table.

We also offer preparing catering for parties and outdoor events, which can take place e.g. in your garden. Take advantage of our specialist counselling, we can recommend you the appropriate menu to match the nature of the event. Thanks to this all, you will have more time for your guests and will be able to enjoy yourselves. We, in turn, will be very satisfied that we could help and serve delicious and healthy meals.

To meet the expectations of our clients, we can prepare catering following a special diet or taste of the ordering party. Our offer is very broad and we are open to all suggestions. Due to this everyone can find something for themselves in our menu.

We cordially invite you to make use of our catering services. We guarantee that we will satisfy even the most sophisticated gourmets and connoisseurs of various culinary styles.