We invite you to see the report with the Wedding Fair. - Hotel Złota Róża

We invite you to see the report with the Wedding Fair.

An eventful day has just come to an end. We had an incredible opportunity to participate in the Wedding Fair in Złota Róża Hotel in Sędziszów. The whole event took place in a newly open room. It is worth noticing that such a Fair is the one and only opportunity to get to know the offer of the local wedding business representatives all gathered in one place at one time. Many newly-weds-to-be took the advantage of that occasion and kept visiting Złota Róża on the Fair day and familiarising with various services. We have no doubts that the Fair made it much simpler for a lot of couples to e.g. select their wedding hall, interior design services which would appeal to them the most, photographers and camera operators, make-up artists, and even the menu which they could taste during the Fair (more and less traditional dishes, delicious cakes, beverages and folksy products). Everyone could also see untypical vehicles which can be borrowed for the wedding day, or listen to the recommended financial solutions for the wedding ceremony presented by bank advisors. Music bands kept playing throughout the whole event – of course they were wedding bands, which can be hired to play at the special day. The live music was a fantastic background of the event. This day is definitely one of these which are worth remembering.